Hike 52: NJ High Point State Park

From my original planning my 2015-2016 52Hike Challenge I knew where I wanted to end it; my 52nd Hike was always going to be a summit of NJ’s highest elevation – High Point State Park. Continue reading

Hike 51: Washington Crossing State Park

Many people that I’ve talked to throughout the years don’t realize the amount of Revolutionary War history that took place in NJ. Hike 51 of my 2015/2016 52 Hike Challenge took place at one of the most historical sights in the state – Washington Crossing State Park.

Continue reading

Hike 48: Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

As I approached completion of my 2015/2016 52 Hike Challenge I had to chose my hikeing locations carefully to make sure I got them all done on time without repeating. When I set out that morning I had no idea this park existed. After getting over my frustration of not being able to find the hike I had planned on, this discovery was greatly appreciated! Continue reading