Jeep CJ66 revealed at SEMA

Last week Jeep teased an image of what I assumed was a CJ nose on a JK Wrangler concept… when in fact, this Jeep is more TJ than JK! Continue reading

Train Rated Jeeps

I don’t have any official statistics to back my claim – but I’m pretty confident in saying that the Jeep Wranger has one of the biggest aftermarkets, and is one of the most modified vehicles of recent decades.  We see a lot of cookie cutter Jeeps, all lifted the same way, with fancy wheels, and knobby tires that most likely never see mud – but every once in a while you see a gem.  A completely crazy, off-the-wall, I-can’t-believe-that’s-a-Jeep Jeep. Continue reading

Radiator Springs

As my friend James and I began our journey to Pennsylvania to retrieve the broken Jeep we had left there the day before; we agreed that, as a group, we’ve gotten a bit lax with our trail repair kits. We usually have pretty good luck when we venture out to Rausch Creek Off Road Park, but the last trip was not one of those luck filled ones.  Looking back on it, I’m surprised that this was the first time we’ve had to leave a Jeep behind, to spend the night at the park.  The day had started off great – up before 6am, a beautiful sunrise, and excited anticipation for what the day would bring. Continue reading