Jeep 75th Anniversary Special Editions

Jeep’s big announcement for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit were 75th Anniversary Special editions for every model of the line up. These special Jeeps will come with exclusive badging, seats, wheels, and most importantly; green paint. Continue reading


Dear Jeep, please build the Chief and take my money!

It’s been two years since the Jeep design team gave us the last pair of true concept vehicles for the Easter Jeep Safari – read about my thoughts on the J12 and Mighty FC.  Last year’s lifted KL Cherokee Trailhawk was cool, but I’ve been yearning for an off the wall amazing vehicle like this year’s Chief concept. Continue reading

Mango Tango Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk Spotted [gallery]

I’ve been waiting to set see a Mango Tango Cherokee TrailHawk since the KL was introduced almost two years ago.  Finally, with the help of a friend who spotted it, I was able to track one down.  This particular model was pretty well optioned and had a sticker price just shy of $40K.  If I were to buy a Trailhawk, it would most certainly be a V6 Mango with the tow package. Continue reading

Renegade: the new light weight reconnaissance vehicle from Jeep is here!

My friends tell me that I’ll fall in love anything that says Jeep on the front, regardless of what follows the seven slot grille.  That’s not entirely true; I simply get excited when Jeep does things that no one else is doing. Despite the fact that this vehicle is clearly something new for Jeep; it looks a lot better than I had anticipated, it looks like a Jeep.

Continue reading