Six Mile Run Hike

Hike 31: Six Mile Run

I’m trying to catch up on a bunch of hikes this month which means finding short hikes close enough to home that I can complete them after work while I still have daylight. I’ve been through sections of six mile run on my bike before but this was my first time hiking there. 


Hyper Green Wrangler is hyper!

After much searching, I finally spotted this 4 door Sport model over the weekend. Hyper Green reminds me of a muted Gecko with more of a yellow element to it – I dig it, but still like Tank the most among the three available greens right now.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Hike 30: Cedar Ridge Preserve

The Cedar Ridge Preserve was one of the many spots I found during everyday driving – I’ve had a keen eye for trailhead signs since starting my 52 Hike Challenge and spotted the Cedar Ridge parking area while heading to a friend’s house.

Jacob's Creek Trail - Hopewell, NJ

Hike 28: Jacob’s Creek Trail

I passed the trail head for Jacob’s Creek on my way home from Hike 15 at Ted Stiles Preserve and noted the location for a future hike. I had done minimal research on the area, and only knew that the hike would be a relatively short out and back along the creek.

Delaware Water Gap - Millbrook

Hike 27: Delaware Water Gap at Millbrook

I was planning on hunting for Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap for hike 27 of my 52 Hike Challenge, but decided last minute that getting lost in an area that I knew I’d have no cell service on one of the hottest days of the summer might not be a great idea –…

DR Canal

Hike 26:D&R Canal State Park

Hike 26 marks the halfway point of my 52 hike challenge – and even though I’m still about 7 hikes behind where I should be, it has renewed my confidence that I’ll finish by November 27, 2016. 

Dunnfield Creek - Delaware Water Gap

Hike 25: Dunnfield Creek with That Outdoor Guy

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the crown jewel of NJ hiking. Whenever anyone asks me what it’s like to explore the backwoods of NJ, I send them photos from my hikes on Mt. Tammany and the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area. When Adam (ThatOutdoorGuy) messaged me on twitter to see if I would…

Cushetunk Mountain Preserve

Hike 24: Cushetunk Mountain Preserve

I headed to Cushetunk Mountain Preserve for Hike 24 – The trails were pretty well marked, but the fact that that area crosses from a town park into a county park all while bordering a state park made reliable maps hard to come by.

Jeep Patriot Sport SE - Redline 2

Redline 2 Jeep Patriot Sport SE

I have a not so secret love for the Jeep Patriot – the capability may not be anywhere near that of the old XJ Cherokees, but the styling is reminiscent of the classic boxy Jeeps. The SE package is one of the best bang for your buck deals that Jeep has offered in a while,…


Hike 23: Top of Tourne

The 52 Hike Challenge has been a bit more challenging than I had originally thought. As I write this I’m about 8 hikes behind where I should be at this point and am starting to get nervous about being able to catch up. I’m determined to meet my deadline, but will need to really kick…


Hike 22: Turkey Mountain

I have a long list of potential hikes that I pick from each week when planning destinations for my 52 Hike Challenge. Turkey Mountain wasn’t actually on my list, but after looking back on the map it shares with Pyramid Mountain (hike 17) I decided to check it out for number 22.