Jeep® Compass Trailhawk

2018 Jeep Compass Revealed

Images of the newly redesigned Jeep Compass surfaced a few days ago – during what looked like the filming of a commercial or an official urban photo shoot. Jeep followed up quickly with a few official images after announcing the vehicle in Brazil.

Duke Farms

Hike 36: Hike and Bike at Duke Farms

For hike 36 my wife and I headed to the Duke Farms Historic Estate in Hillsborough, NJ. If you live in the area you should definitely spend a day exploring this unreal piece of property by foot or by bike – they’ve got a sweet Farmer’s Market on Thursday nights too!

View of Mount Minsi

Hike 34: Mount Tammany Summit

Mount Tammany’s red-dot trail is one of the quintessential New Jersey hikes – I’m not sure you can even call yourself an avid NJ hiker if you don’t make your way to Tammany’s summit annually. Hike 34 was my third time climbing to the top of the water gap and as always, it seemed steeper…


Hike 33: Bunker Hill Natural Area

I was talking up hike 33 to Mojo for a few days – we were both excited about spending some quality outdoor time together to celebrate his three year adoptiversary! I got home from work – packed some water and treats and double checked the web for a map of the area I was planning…

Six Mile Run Hike

Hike 31: Six Mile Run

I’m trying to catch up on a bunch of hikes this month which means finding short hikes close enough to home that I can complete them after work while I still have daylight. I’ve been through sections of six mile run on my bike before but this was my first time hiking there. 


Hyper Green Wrangler is hyper!

After much searching, I finally spotted this 4 door Sport model over the weekend. Hyper Green reminds me of a muted Gecko with more of a yellow element to it – I dig it, but still like Tank the most among the three available greens right now.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Hike 30: Cedar Ridge Preserve

The Cedar Ridge Preserve was one of the many spots I found during everyday driving – I’ve had a keen eye for trailhead signs since starting my 52 Hike Challenge and spotted the Cedar Ridge parking area while heading to a friend’s house.

Jacob's Creek Trail - Hopewell, NJ

Hike 28: Jacob’s Creek Trail

I passed the trail head for Jacob’s Creek on my way home from Hike 15 at Ted Stiles Preserve and noted the location for a future hike. I had done minimal research on the area, and only knew that the hike would be a relatively short out and back along the creek.

Delaware Water Gap - Millbrook

Hike 27: Delaware Water Gap at Millbrook

I was planning on hunting for Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap for hike 27 of my 52 Hike Challenge, but decided last minute that getting lost in an area that I knew I’d have no cell service on one of the hottest days of the summer might not be a great idea –…