Hike 37: Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve

Summer was fading quickly; and still being a few hikes behind schedule meant taking advantage of what dwindling daylight I had left once I got home from work. I didn’t pick the Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve based on any grand attraction, but because an open grassland would allow me a little more time than if I tried to rush a two mile hike in the woods before dusk. The hike, as it turned out, was a bit more exciting than I had imagined. Continue reading

Hike 28: Jacob’s Creek Trail

I passed the trail head for Jacob’s Creek on my way home from Hike 15 at Ted Stiles Preserve and noted the location for a future hike. I had done minimal research on the area, and only knew that the hike would be a relatively short out and back along the creek. Continue reading

Hike 23: Top of Tourne

The 52 Hike Challenge has been a bit more challenging than I had originally thought. As I write this I’m about 8 hikes behind where I should be at this point and am starting to get nervous about being able to catch up. I’m determined to meet my deadline, but will need to really kick it into gear over the next 2 months! Continue reading

Hike 19: Schooleys Mountain Park

For the fourth or fifth time this year, the weather prediction kept me from attempting a big hike in PA that I’ve been trying to complete since January. Instead of staying home, I took the foretasted rainy day and headed to Schooleys Mountain Park to hike the Falling Water and Grand Loop Trails for hike 19 of my 52 Hike Challenge. Continue reading

Hike 09: Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

About five years ago I tweaked my sciatic nerve in my back while mountain biking. Every now and then I’ll turn a weird way and be out of commission for a few days. I’m usually very careful while hiking and typically re-injur myself doing day to day tasks; like washing dishes, which is what caused the flare up last Friday night. Continue reading

Norvin Green State Forest: Otter Hole to Carris Hill Hike

I was pumped. The Otter Hole to Carris Hill loop was one of my favorite hikes from last summer, and despite the blistering heat, I was excited for the challenges ahead! The 4 mile hike takes you past creeks, rock slab summits, waterfalls, rock scrambles, and dense forest. The difficulty and beauty of the Norvin Green State Forrest captured a piece of my heart last summer, which is why I couldn’t wait to get back here. Continue reading