Hike 48: Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

As I approached completion of my 2015/2016 52 Hike Challenge I had to chose my hikeing locations carefully to make sure I got them all done on time without repeating. When I set out that morning I had no idea this park existed. After getting over my frustration of not being able to find the hike I had planned on, this discovery was greatly appreciated!

Mahlong Dickerson-MapHike 48 stats:
Date: November 12, 2016
Distance:  4.56 miles
Time: 2:22
Total Ascent: 630′
Highlights: Creek crossings, vista views, Highlands Trail

Mahlon Dickerson ReservationI found a trail map in at the kiosk next to the parking lot (download one here)and just started hiking, without really knowing where I was going. I started along the green blazed Highlands Trail towards Headley Overlook.
Mahlon Dickerson ReservattionI’ve been on many sections of the Highlands Trail throughout the challenge – it’d be cool to through hike the whole trail someday.  I took the Highlands Trail to the blue blazed trail; then the yellow blazed trail back up to the parking lot. The reserve was a great place to spend a couple hours – espesially after my original plan was a bust. I definitely want to head back here this summer to check out some more trails once the leaves are on the trees!