The 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel (the half ton truck with a three quarter ton payload)

When Ram introduced the all new 2019 Ram 1500 I had mixed feelings about the truck – thinking I’d go the heavy duty route when it was time for us to buy a truck, I didn’t pay too much attention to them for my needs. In other words; I was spending more time with online configuration tools for 3/4 Ton trucks than any of the half ton or midsize trucks. So I never gave much thought to how I’d option a half ton truck, until recently. Continue reading

Radiator Springs

As my friend James and I began our journey to Pennsylvania to retrieve the broken Jeep we had left there the day before; we agreed that, as a group, we’ve gotten a bit lax with our trail repair kits. We usually have pretty good luck when we venture out to Rausch Creek Off Road Park, but the last trip was not one of those luck filled ones.  Looking back on it, I’m surprised that this was the first time we’ve had to leave a Jeep behind, to spend the night at the park.  The day had started off great – up before 6am, a beautiful sunrise, and excited anticipation for what the day would bring. Continue reading

Jeep J8

Could Jeep be preparing for a supra-Rubicon Wrangler?

Prior to 2003, there were few factory options available that would increase the offroad ability of your YJ or TJ Wrangler. Lift kits, rock sliders, heavy duty transfer cases, heavy duty axles, selectable lockers, sway bar disconnects, and lower axle gearing (among other things) were reserved for aftermarket manufacturers, or ambitious do-it-yourself-ers.

Photo © Chrysler

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Is the Compass really a Jeep, thing?

When Jeep introduced the Compass for the 2007 model year; I instantly thought (and still think) that it was one of the best names ever given to a vehicle with adventurous aspirations – something Jeep vehicles have always represented. However; the Compass didn’t quite live up to its Jeep heritage, or its own name for that matter. When Jeep announced that Compass would receive an update for 2011; I wasn’t expecting more than a minor appearance refresh.  I simply didn’t think that Chrysler would invest a lot of money, time, and energy to significantly update a vehicle that they have already announced will be replaced in a few short years.  I was wrong about that, and thankfully so.

Photo: Courtesy of Chrysler

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