Laser Blue Compass Trailhawk spotted

The hunt for colors continues with the all new 2017 Compass! Spotted a Laser Blue Trailhawk today; this is a really great blue! Continue reading

Is the Compass really a Jeep, thing?

When Jeep introduced the Compass for the 2007 model year; I instantly thought (and still think) that it was one of the best names ever given to a vehicle with adventurous aspirations – something Jeep vehicles have always represented. However; the Compass didn’t quite live up to its Jeep heritage, or its own name for that matter. When Jeep announced that Compass would receive an update for 2011; I wasn’t expecting more than a minor appearance refresh.  I simply didn’t think that Chrysler would invest a lot of money, time, and energy to significantly update a vehicle that they have already announced will be replaced in a few short years.  I was wrong about that, and thankfully so.

Photo: Courtesy of Chrysler

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