Hike 49: D&R Canal – Kingston Lock

As time dwindled down and my deadline closed in on me – I took advantage of the longest State Park in New Jersey for the 5th time and headed out to hike along a section of the canal that I hadn’t been to in years – the Kingston Lock.D&R Canal State Park - kingston lockHike 49 stats:
Date: November 13, 2016
Distance:  4.6 miles
Time: 1:23
Total Ascent: 71′
Highlights: Lock, acqueduct

Kingston LockI parked in the small lot right on Rt. 27 in Kingston and made my way over to the lock. Mojo and I sat for a few minutes watching the power of the water  rushing through the once essential piece of now retired equipment.Kingston LockThe canal has become one of my favorite places to visit – the scenery outweighs the sound of traffic that you can hear almost the entire time – the way the leaves change colors in the fall is beautiful.

I had such a great time walking along the canal with Mojo that I headed back here the following day to hit another section of the Canal.


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