OtterUnboxing – a Catalyst Case Review

The orange accents were like a playful flirtation that caught my eye from across the room. Available replacement pieces had me reaching for my wallet.  And the GoPro mount compatible clips (even though not out for the 6 case yet) sealed the deal for this slick piece of protective gear. Continue reading

OtterBoxing: Armor Series Awesomeness

The life of a gadget can be quite rough in KevinsPocket. Constantly being yanked out at every beep or vibration, flying out of a doorless Jeep in the woods, falling onto a rocky hiking trail, or being exposed to the elements to post a crucial tweet are not uncommon occurrences. I’ve trusted OtterBox in keeping my iPhones safe for the last three and a half years, and despite needing to have my 4S defender case replaced twice under the warranty, I’ve made the investment in otterbox’s new Armor Series iPhone 4S case. Continue reading

iPhone return on investment

Whenever I research buying a new vehicle, or selling one that I already own, resale value is of huge importance. I want to know how much of my initial investment will be recoup-able should I ever need to sell it quickly. When I purchased my first iPhone in July of 2009; I assumed that when it was replace, it would join the other pocket communicators in my nightstand junk drawer. I was wrong. Continue reading

monumental media medium makeover!

About two years ago; I made a pretty big decision regarding the medium of my media. I was tired of re-purchasing music, not having it when I wanted it, not being able to enjoy it as much as I wanted to, or simply not being able to find it. Something had to change, and ultimately; I decided to skip the middle man and go with an Old School/New School music library.

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iPhone accessories that saved our relationship

My iPhone 3GS and I have been pretty good friends for the last two years, mostly thanks to two hardware accessories that help us get along during different types of adventures; from hiking in the Andes, to my everyday commute to work.  Specifically, I’m referring to the OtterBox Defender Case, and the ProClip USA mount system.

you should read JeepGorilla’s blog; but not while driving

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Pocket Power Fail

Have you ever been so ridiculously proud of your genius solution to an innovation dilemma… That it physically hurt when it didn’t work out?

The Great Adventures of Kevo: Part II, Machubamba; required some pre-trip techie planning to assure full use of GPS tracking while exploring South America. The most obvious and necessary problem to figure out was power. Any explorer who has taken advantage of GPS tracking apps on their iPhone knows how great they work, and how they suck the life out of the battery, especially if you set the screen bright enough to be able to see where you are while outside!  The goal was to find an external battery or alternate charging method that would extend GPS (and overall) usage time and allow the device to remain in it’s OtterBox protective case.

What’s in KevinsPocket

Next to the janitor size collection of keys, trusty zippo lighter, faux leather money clip/wallet combo, and some blue fuzz, lives an otter box defended 16GB iPhone 3GS.

KevinsPocket has held quite an array of pocket communicators over the years; from text messaging minions to web surfing finger flyers.

The first device did not have a permanent home in KevinsPocket, but always accompanied the keys to the family minivan when on loan from MomsPocket. With an impressive 17 button setup and retractable antenna, the Nokia’s small footprint left ample space for other things to be stowed away (like guitar pics and tennis balls!) MomsPocket didn’t care for fancy covers or charms (remember those) but the zebra print clad Nokia that lived in a FriendsPocket will never be forgotten.

The first text message ever sent from KevinsPocket came from an oddly shaped motorola and was, more than likely, received by that unforgettable Nokia. This led to the never fully-answerable question: What can be done from KevinsPocket?

The i60c brought push to talk, the i710 added a color screen with wallpaper, and the Chocolate (complete with Super Mario Brothers ringtone) supplied the first camera to KevinsPocket.

The move to “smart” phones added email management and web browsing while on the road playing gigs and during adventure traveling… After 4 pearls, and a curve… The iPhone 3GS found a comfortable place among the oddities that can be found in KevinsPocket…