Hike 42: Eagle Rock Reservation

A few years ago I lived in an attic apartment in  Montclair, NJ. I loved being within walking distance to many awesome bars, restaurants, and the music venues – but I was also a quick 5 minutes drive from Eagle Rock Reservation. I decided to head back to my old stomping grounds for hike 42! Continue reading

Hike 37: Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve

Summer was fading quickly; and still being a few hikes behind schedule meant taking advantage of what dwindling daylight I had left once I got home from work. I didn’t pick the Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve based on any grand attraction, but because an open grassland would allow me a little more time than if I tried to rush a two mile hike in the woods before dusk. The hike, as it turned out, was a bit more exciting than I had imagined. Continue reading

Hike 33: Bunker Hill Natural Area

I was talking up hike 33 to Mojo for a few days – we were both excited about spending some quality outdoor time together to celebrate his three year adoptiversary! I got home from work – packed some water and treats and double checked the web for a map of the area I was planning on taking Mojo. To my dismay – dogs are not allowed at this particular park so I needed a quick plan B – I went to my notebook, did a quick google search and we were on our way. Continue reading