Hike 50: D&R State Park | Rocky Hill

I’m very far behind on posting about my 52 Hike Challenge that I completed last year, here’s a quick recap of Hike 50!
hike 50 - DRSP-RockyHill

Hike 50 stats:
Date: November 19, 2016
Distance:  3.86 miles
Time: 1:29
Total Ascent: 341′
Highlights: Tow Path, Canal


Mojo and I set out for the last hike along the canal of my 52 Hike Challenge; the canal is a great spot to get in a quick hike, and always has something cool to see and discover.DCIM121GOPRODCIM121GOPRO

We hiked from Kingston up to Rocky Hill before heading back and heading home.DCIM121GOPRODCIM121GOPRO