2017 Volkeswagen GolfWagen AllTrack – you had me at locking differentials

Yes, a station wagon with locking differentials! We’re not talking about selectable Wrangler Rubicon style lockers – but electronic lockers that activate while in off-road mode is pretty badass for a station wagon.  This once-for-Europe-only adventure wagon has some serious back country gear haulin’ potential – and it’s heading to the US. Continue reading

Overland Journal and my new obsession

I’ll admit it; I often get carried away. I’ll get an idea in my head and start a cycle of researching, list making, budgeting, day dreaming, and planning; then reality kicks in and I’m usually left frustrated, and disappointed. My wife bought me a subscription to Overland Journal for my birthday last fall – and now a few issues in; I want to build an overland rig and drive around the world.

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