Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept truck revealed

The Atlas Taboak is “the most American VW ever” according to VW’s presentation at the New York International Auto Show yesterday. Continue reading


2017 Volkeswagen GolfWagen AllTrack – you had me at locking differentials

Yes, a station wagon with locking differentials! We’re not talking about selectable Wrangler Rubicon style lockers – but electronic lockers that activate while in off-road mode is pretty badass for a station wagon.  This once-for-Europe-only adventure wagon has some serious back country gear haulin’ potential – and it’s heading to the US. Continue reading

Overland Journal and my new obsession

I’ll admit it; I often get carried away. I’ll get an idea in my head and start a cycle of researching, list making, budgeting, day dreaming, and planning; then reality kicks in and I’m usually left frustrated, and disappointed. My wife bought me a subscription to Overland Journal for my birthday last fall – and now a few issues in; I want to build an overland rig and drive around the world.

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