Hike 46: D&R Canal State Park

D&R Canal State Park was a go to spot for several of my 52 hikes. It’s really an incredible park, and a great place to get in a quick hike if you’re in the area. The canal is full of awesome nature and historical landmarks, too!hike-46-dr-canal

Hike 46 stats:
Date: November 6, 2016
Distance:  3.25 miles
Time: 1:10
Total Ascent: 64′
Highlights: Deleware and Raritan Canal, train draw bridgeD&R Canal State ParkMojo and I hit the trail from Alexander Rd. and headed northbound along the canal towpath. We quickly spotted a blue heron in one of the ponds near the trail; which was the first of many wildlife sightings on this hike.D&R Canal State ParkContinuing on our way, we passed under an interesting looking train bridge. The tracks connected to the support with a circular gear – I originally thought that this was some kind of turntable (for turning the train around), but a friend informed me that this was actually used to turn the bridge to allow large barges to pass by.D&R Canal State ParkD&R Canal State ParkMojo and I crossed Washington St. and hiked along next to Carnegie Lake towards the Millstone Aqueduct.D&R Canal State ParkD&R Canal State ParkD&R Canal State ParkShortly after we turned back, we saw another (maybe the same one) blue heron perched on a branch near the lake.D&R Canal State ParkWe crossed back over Lower Harrison St. and saw something moving in the brush next to the trail. Without much agknowledgement of anyone around it, a buck sauntered out across the trail to take a drink from the canal.D&R Canal State ParkI held mojo back as the deer started to panic once it saw us; luckily it quickly ran back down the side trail and out of sight. The tow path is extremely popular amongst local runners, walkers and bikers – so it still amazes me the wildlife that I see along the canal.