Sting-Gray Wrangler Sahara spotted!

Sting gray is a muted gray that looks great with he color match top. Continue reading


Punk’n JL Wrangler Sahara spotted with color match top

The 2018 JLs continue to fill dealer lots as the last JKs are sold. I’ve been seeing more and more JLs on the street lately; here’s a Punk’n Wrangler JL Sahara with a color match top. Continue reading

Chief Blue Chief Edition Wrangler spotted

Some special edition Wrangler packages are extremely well thought out, some are a marketing alignment with a TV or movie franchise, some are a seemingly completely random (remember that dragon one?), and others have been nostalgic throwbacks to past Jeep products. Jeep outdid itself with this year’s throwback: the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Cheif Edition.
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Crush Orange 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with Color Match Top

I promise this will be the last Crush Orange Wrangler post – I just love this orange so much and know that a lot of you are having a hard time finding them.  As with all of the pictures I’ve taken, the color seems a little lighter than it actually is.  The grille shot with the Crush parked next to the Dozer shows a good comparison of the two.  enjoy!

Crush and Dozer Wranglers

Crush (left) and Dozer (right) 2012 Wranglers

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