Hike 47: Abram S. Hewitt State Forest, Appalachian Trail

Crossing state lines isn’t something that far out of the ordinary for many hikers, but hike 47 was the first time I hiked from one state into another. I headed to Abram S. Hewitt State Park on the suggestion of my wife after she randomly pointed to the Bearfort Ridge on my map. Continue reading

Hike 45: Wawayanda State Park – Stairway to Heaven to Pinwheel Vista

Stairway to Heaven to Pinwheel Vista was one of those hikes that I had on my to-do list for over a year, it was one of the first that I added to my 52 Hike Potential list when I decided to take on the challenge.  It’s one of those hikes that you simply must do if you have the chance. Continue reading

Hike 25: Dunnfield Creek with That Outdoor Guy

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the crown jewel of NJ hiking. Whenever anyone asks me what it’s like to explore the backwoods of NJ, I send them photos from my hikes on Mt. Tammany and the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area. When Adam (ThatOutdoorGuy) messaged me on twitter to see if I would take him on a hike during his family’s Appalachian Mountain Road Trip, I knew exactly where I wanted to take him. Continue reading

Hike 07: Appalachian Trail, Mount Minsi Summit

I’ve seen Mount Minsi many times while hiking to the summit of Mount Tammany on the NJ side of the Delaware Water Gap, but had never explored the other side of the border. I decided to summit Mount Minsi via the Appalachian Trail for hike seven of my 52 hike Challenge. It was barely 10° outside when I parked in the Lake Lenape parking lot. It was about 10am, and I had the lot to myself. As it turned out, I would have the trail to myself as well. Continue reading