Hike 44: Gollub Park

I found a picture of St. Anthony’s Nose at Gollub Park online; it took quite a bit of searching to determine exactly where it was and how to get there. One day after work I scoped it out, and hiked it a few weeks later.gollup-park-trackHike 44 stats:
Date: November 3, 2016
Distance:  1.9 miles
Time: :51
Total Ascent: 198′
Highlights: St. Anthony’s Nose

Gallup Park

I parked the Jeep at the trailhead, and started walking down the private road towards the trail. It’s very easy to find the path into the woods; the hike itself isn’t very challenging at all, but the view is worth the hike out.

After checking out the views on the cliffy edge, I continued down the trail for a bit before turning back. I was hiking after work, and my light was dwindling.

The views from the cliff are great, and totally worth checking out if you’re in the Easton, PA area, but I wouldn’t travel too far just for this as the hike itself isn’t much more than a leisurely walk in the woods.

One thought on “Hike 44: Gollub Park

  1. Mary-Frances says:

    You had me at “St Anthony’s Nose”! Any idea why it has that name? And a leisurely walk in the woods sounds like my speed! Come spring msybe!

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