Redline 2 Jeep Patriot Sport SE

I have a not so secret love for the Jeep Patriot – the capability may not be anywhere near that of the old XJ Cherokees, but the styling is reminiscent of the classic boxy Jeeps. The SE package is one of the best bang for your buck deals that Jeep has offered in a while, and the Redline 2 paint is exclusive to this trim. Continue reading


2016 Jeep Patriot Sport SE includes heated seats (A/C extra)

The Jeep Patriot is a trendy hit song that the band never wants to play, but is more than happy to continue accepting royalty checks for. The media loves to bash it; yet consumers continue to buy it.  Continue reading

Overland Journal and my new obsession

I’ll admit it; I often get carried away. I’ll get an idea in my head and start a cycle of researching, list making, budgeting, day dreaming, and planning; then reality kicks in and I’m usually left frustrated, and disappointed. My wife bought me a subscription to Overland Journal for my birthday last fall – and now a few issues in; I want to build an overland rig and drive around the world.

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Brand Loyalty and my 2012 Jeep Patriot

It’s hard to deny that I am a devoted Jeep enthusiast. I drove my 1997 Wrangler every day for almost 5 years before purchasing a 2012 Jeep Patriot (4X4, 5 speed) in February of 2012, to take over daily driving duties. Overall I’ve been pretty satisfied with the Patriot; it’s a comfortable, capable, daily driver. It’s performed well in winter weather, and light off road situations. Despite being the opposite of the “get new people interested in the brand” target buyer – it fits my needs perfectly. Now a year into ownership, I figured it was time for a recap.

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