Hike 20: Sourland Mountain Preserve -Ridge Trail to Maple Flats

Mojo and I headed out to the Sourland Mountain Preserve for hike 20 of my 52 Hike Challenge with plans of hiking to the Roaring Rocks Boulder area to complete its namesake trail – the only trail I haven’t hit in the park since starting my challenge in November. Sourland Mountain Hike Track 05282016Hike 20 stats:
Date: May 28, 2016
Weather: 90°F, sunny
Trails Hiked: Ridge Trail, Maple Flats
Distance:  4.33 miles
Time: 2:11
Total Ascent: 596′
Highest Elevation: 442′
Highlights: Roaring Rocks
Park info and trail map

DCIM119GOPROWe hit the Ridge Trail from the south end of the parking lot – we passed the pond and were happy to be out of the heat – It was about 90° when we hit the woods (40° warmer than my hike the prior weekend). We continued south, crossing the pipeline into the typically less crowded southern section of the park. DCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPROWe continued along the ridge trail until we got to the Roaring Rocks Boulders – the boulders are not glacial deposits as I once thought and were actually formed here 150-180 million years ago!DCIM119GOPROThe roaring Rocks get their name because of the brooke that runs under them. If you listen closely you can hear the water running, even though you often can’t see the water.

Mojo and I hung out by the rocks for about 10 minutes to cool down and hydrate. The heat was taking its toll on us so I decided to skip the Roaring Rocks Trail – as to not push Mojo too far and (I’ll get it done sooner or later). We took the Ridge Trail back to the pipeline and ultimately the Maple Flats trail back to the parking lot.DCIM119GOPROMy initial goal of completing 52 unique hikes is still in play – even though very similar to hike 10, this route was slightly different!