Gobi Wrangler – color match top

I’ve come to like the color match hardtops on Wranglers over the last few years; however, some colors look much better than others. Gobi is one of those colors that looks great with the painted top!

2 thoughts on “Gobi Wrangler – color match top

  1. Cary says:

    I’ve almost always been a fan of the colored tops. I do think the various tan/khaki colors Jeep has had for the JK look best when accented by a healthy helping of black, though. Think how much better your example here would look with a nice hood louver or accent decal. And, then, you could add some sharp-looking bumpers in black powder. Next … aw, who am I kidding? Jeeps look best modified in any color! ;-)

    • kevinspocket says:

      I like the color top on the tan colors of recent years, however, I agree that the JK needs contrast… I really like the color match top with the black fenders – looks good in almost every color that way 👍

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