Hike 32: Sourland Mountain Preserve – Roaring Rocks

Hike thirty two brought me back to the Sourland Mountain Preserve – the roaring rocks trail is one of my favorite trails in the park and the only piece I haven’t hiked since starting the 52 Hike Challenge in November. Continue reading

Hike 20: Sourland Mountain Preserve -Ridge Trail to Maple Flats

Mojo and I headed out to the Sourland Mountain Preserve for hike 20 of my 52 Hike Challenge with plans of hiking to the Roaring Rocks Boulder area to complete its namesake trail – the only trail I haven’t hit in the park since starting my challenge in November. Continue reading

Hike 14: Sourland Ecosystem Preserve

I’ve hiked the Sourland Mountain Preserve countless times over the last few years, but just recently discovered that there is more to the Sourlands than I ever realized. The Mountain Preserve is just one of several trail systems that this unique ecosystem of forest and wetland has to offer. For hike fourteen, I explored the Sourland Ecosystem Preserve trail system. Continue reading