the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab is not a Rubicon

Following a plethora of special edition Wranglers for 2012 – The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Arctic Edition, Altitude Edition, and the barely mentioned Freedom Edition – Jeep is kicking off 2013 with yet another limited edition JK. The 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab edition is based on the Sahara model, and shares features of many of the special editions we saw last year.

Photo © Chrysler

The first thing that jumps out at me about the 2013 Moab edition isn’t the winch bumper, the black Rubicon wheels, or the American Expeditions Hood; I’m most excited about a color match top option with black fenders! The color match top has grown on me over the last two years, but sometimes seems like a bit much – I found myself yearning for a bit of contrast, and finally, Jeep has answered that with the Moab Edition.

Photo © Chrysler

The Moab is a stepping stone between the Sahara and Rubicon models, and is more than just a sticker package. In addition to black fenders, and off-road bumpers; the Moab Edition comes standard with a rear limited slip differential, and the new 17 inch Rubicon wheels wrapped in Goodyear’s Silent Armor off-road tires with Kevlar.

Photo © Chrysler

The 2013 Moab Edition starts as a Jeep Wrangler Sahara and adds a nice list of off-road and aesthetic accessories. The American Expedition Vehicle’s JK hood, and bumpers, that we saw on the 2012 COD: MW3 edition are making a second appearance on this year’s first special edition. AEV has been a big part of the Jeep aftermarket for over a decade, and Chrysler has been taking advantage of that relationship more and more over the last two years. The biggest feature of the Moab is in the rear. In additoin to the standard limited slip rear differential; the 2013 Moab has an optional locking rear diff – the first non-Rubicon Wrangler to have such an option. The Moab also adds the Mopar black fuel filler door, rock sliders, and rear lamp guards.

Photo © Chrysler

Moving inside – Jeep is using the Moab to showcase the, new for 2013, Wrangler seats – offered here in black or saddle leather. I’m not too impressed with the design of the new seats, but will wait to see them in person to make final judgements. Much like the previous special editions, the Moab edition will have a custom dash cluster and grab handle logos.

Photo © Chrysler

The Moab will be available in two and four door models and will be offered in Crush, Dozer, Rock Lobster, Gecko, Black, and Bright White exterior colors.

What do you think about the 2013 Moab Edition Wrangler? Let me know in the comments!

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33 thoughts on “the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab is not a Rubicon

  1. Ed Garsten says:

    I’ve been driving a black Wrangler Unlimited Moab Edition since March, 2013 and I may never let it go. When I load my two kayaks on top it looks killer. Not only does it perform well and look cool, I like the fact that there aren’t that many around, so there’s that feeling of exclusivity.

  2. Draft5150 says:

    I’ve owned a 2013 Moab since December of 2012. As a person who drives the Dunes of Long Island, this Jeep is killer! Not only does it get looks from other Jeep owners but it is very capable in the deep sand of the south shore. Thank you Jeep for building my Moab to spec. I appreciate it especially after losing my last vehicle to Hurricane Sandy!

  3. Kody says:

    I bought a 2013 moab in March. I love it. Runs great. Great features. Pulls my huge three person jetski. Perfect for me.

  4. kevinspocket says:

    The Moab is a nice step up from the Sport or Sahara models as far as being off road ready directly from the factory. Did you get the optional rear locker?

  5. John says:

    Just bought one and have been off road a couple of times, handles great but wish they would had offered bigger tires.

      • Kevin Maloy says:

        Hey there. I just traded my 2008 Sahara 4 door for a new 2013 Moab 4 dr. Haven’t done any serious off roading in either but I understood the Moab is truly off road ready? Beyond adding a winch are there other modifications/add-ons I should consider before taking it off road?

  6. Daniel says:

    Wow, I just bought a wrangler sport jku 2013 and after all the option and accessory I put on it end- up just like that, I wish my dealer told me about the Moab. That would had save me money and time…

    Love it so much I wish I cold trade.. :)

  7. Mustang says:

    From a not so extreme off road person, I think the MOAB edition is a great “turn key” Jeep. I love all the AEV up-grades that I would have otherwise bought after market. With the MOAB, all I need to do is buy some AEV wheels and I’m exactly where I want to be in a jeep. The leather seats and navigation are a deal maker for this Jeep. I dont care for the color matched hard top and would insist on a swap to the flat black hard top. Looking forward to bung my MOAB as soon as I return home from Afghanistan…

  8. kevinspocket says:

    Hi Cody,

    Jeep has had quite a few special edition wranglers over the last few years and often names the special editions after locations. The Mojave, named after the mojave desert, the rocky mountain edition, and now the Moab edition – named for Moab, Utah. Jeep also used he Moab name for the Rubicon wheels that you referenced above as well. The video from the Moab Easter Jeep Safari was a group of concept vehicles that Jeep showcased in Moab, Utah. These concepts are not “Moab Edition” Wranglers, they were simply built to showcase there. The Special Edition Moab Wrangler is available with the power and luxury options available on Sahara and Rubicon, but does not include all of the offroad equipment that is available on Rubicon, therefore it does fit as a Sahara trim. It does differ from the normal sahara with the wheels and black fenders, but is based on the Sahara trim. Jeep, like many other vehicle manufacturers, release special editions with special equipment combinations to showcase the vehicles. Despite the fact that this special edition has the option of a selectable rear locker, it is not a Rubicon because it does not have a Dana 44 front axle with a selectable locker, it does not have the Rock-lock transfer case, sway bar disconnects, or the option of 4:10 axle gearing.

    • cody says:

      Again. I said Sorry. It is not a rubicon per press release for 2013 model. That doesn’t mean that they have always used the sahara trim for moab related options/parts etc. BUT history shows Moab and Jeep’s Relationship is always been with the Rubicon, not Sahara. If you find any support on Moab and Sahara being teamed up together then kindly send it my way. My point is, as 100’s maybe 1000’s of other jeep owners, is that it doesn’t make sense putting the Sahara and Moab together….So anyone reading this will also do their own research and see that if you google the the words/phrase why is Moab on Jeep Sahara and not Rubicon, it will lead you to forums that only wrangler fans are and talk about the product that they buy….this isn’t just one persons opinion. Also in that video, those concepts are mentioned that they will be part of jeep’s line up and available. Not sure why this upsets you that Jeep fans don’t agree that Sahara and Moab are a match and/or are on the wrong Trim line of Wrangler. As many many have posted, why not just buy a RUBICON with upgrades…

      • kevinspocket says:

        I don’t think you have any reason to be sorry, I appreciate the input and your opinion! It also doesn’t upset me that Jeep fans do not agree, this is simply my opinion on the matter.

        The only “Moab” options/parts that Jeep has offered in the past where the Moab wheels that were offered on the Rubicon trim as well as the Sport trim. So yes, this special edition is the first time Jeep has put the word Moab on a Sahara, but it has not been exclusive to the Rubicon trim.

        To me, it doesn’t make sense for the Moab edition (or the word Moab) to be on Rubicon, since they reference two very different off road locations. Again, the Moab Edition is simply based on the Sahara trim, and is not a full blown Sahara.

        The vehicles in the video are concept vehicles that are not being offered as production vehicles, but were built to showcase the accessories that Jeep and Mopar are working on for future vehicles.

      • cody says:

        Watch the video again and around the one minute 30 second mark you will hear both guys say that prototypes you see here are or will be in production models and some parts already at mopar parts…..

  9. cody says:

    Here is the Video of 2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari and you will see that the Moab Wranglers are the Rubicon, The hood Decal is present on them. So this is something that Chrysler must have changed .

  10. cody says:

    maybe because it’s named after a Safari, they are saying it’s from a Sahara…lol…but none of the specs are on or available for a Sahara….that’s never done….that’s not cost effective to change major things just to change to smaller wheels, axle changes etc….i’m sure most would agree that this really is a Rubicon

  11. cody says:

    i have old a Wrangler as a Play around vehicle since chrysler named them Wrangler with trading every major model change….and this is prob the most confused model yet…lol

  12. cody says:

    That is The Rubicon detailed to the max. It’s not like the writer couldn’t get the story wrong????lol….I have all the standard specs right in front of me now and the only thing that ,from Wrangler’s history that would lead to Sahara, is all power accessories….the Rubicon can get those….Hey I’m just saying Chrysler is just mixing it all up and not staying true to the Trims for a special edition….not saying you are wrong but Chrysler does get alot wrong, esp now since they are told what,when and where now by Fiat….lol

  13. cody says:

    JK Trim Levels

    Both Standard and Unlimited Wranglers are available in three trim packages. Each package can be ordered with either hard or soft top, full or half doors(08 unlimited only).

    The X model is the “bare bones” wrangler that can be customized to a buyers specifications adding such options as air conditioning, power windows and locks soft or hard top, fog lights, 32″ tires, rear LSD or locker, electronic swaybar disconnect, and other accessories.

    The Sahara model is the “luxury” model offering accessories such as body colored fenders, built in navigation, “Yes Essentials” seats, power windows and locks, a 7 speaker infinity sound system with subwoofer, among others.

    The Rubicon package is the dedicated “Offroad” package. Standard components of the rubicon package include Front and rear Dana 44 axles, front and rear electronic lockers, rock rails, Electronic sway bar disconnect, 32 spline axles, 4:1 Rock-Trac transfer case, 4.10 axle gearing,”Yes Essentials” seats, 7 speaker infinity sound system, and any other available option can be added.

    • kevinspocket says:

      In this case, Jeep is offering a rear locker on the Moab edition, (which is based on a Sahara.) So it will have all of the available options that a Sahara has, with rubicon wheels… Making it a nice option between Sahara and Rubicon.

      • cody says:

        Where do you see any indication that this is a Sahara. Sahara, Rubicon, X, Sport are all a Trim of the Wrangler. Which means that have Options Standard and unique to the Trim. Sahara’s number one Trim is the Matching painted Fenders, 2 is the 18 inch wheels and others where standard Full Doors etc. Jeep now has full doors on most because of cost etc. Rubicon’s Trim is 17″ wheels, Rear axle ratio eyc…The Moab has the Standard Track-Lok anti-spin rear differential with an available electronic rear locking differential…And Sahara has the Command-Trac…Rubicon has 4:1 Roc-Trac…..which Sahara doesn’t and not able to……Rubicon is for the serious Trails, not the Sahara, never has been. It is more of the Higher end comfort. So i’m not sure what you are seeing in the Sahara Trim Package that this Moab has???

  14. cody says:

    So if it doesn’t have Paint matched Fenders and 18″ wheels, then what would make it a Sahara or anything Between a Sahara and Rubicon???

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