Hike 19: Schooleys Mountain Park

For the fourth or fifth time this year, the weather prediction kept me from attempting a big hike in PA that I’ve been trying to complete since January. Instead of staying home, I took the foretasted rainy day and headed to Schooleys Mountain Park to hike the Falling Water and Grand Loop Trails for hike 19 of my 52 Hike Challenge.Schooleys-Mountain-Hike-TrackHike 19 stats:
Date: May 21, 2016
Weather: 50°F, overcast
Trails Hiked: Falling Waters, Grand Loop, Boulder Gorge, Bee Line, Highland Cut
Distance:  3.84 miles
Time: 2:06
Total Ascent: 870′
Highest Elevation: 1,109′
Highlights: Waterfalls, vista, boulders
Trail Map
DCIM118GOPROThe Falling Water Trail was the first section I hit after taking a quick look at Lake George. The trail is appropriately named as it follows the Electric Brook down into a gorge over countless boulders.DCIM119GOPROThe trail continues down along the brook and passes two awesome waterfalls – I was betting on the rain swelling the brook, but as it turned out, the rain never came.DCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPROThe trail continues down the gorge, then turns left and heads up the side of the mountain to a lookout point.DCIM119GOPROI was expecting the clouds to block the view from the top, but I lucked out and was able to enjoy the vista during a short break. DCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPROI continued on my way and hiked parts of the Boulder Gorge Trail, Patriot’s Path, Grand Loop Trail, Bee Line Trail, and Highland Cut.DCIM119GOPRO

DCIM119GOPRODCIM119GOPROHopefully I’ll be able to hit that spot in PA during the next few weekends – but Schooleys was certainly a great alternative for number 19!