Chief Blue Chief Edition Wrangler spotted

Some special edition Wrangler packages are extremely well thought out, some are a marketing alignment with a TV or movie franchise, some are a seemingly completely random (remember that dragon one?), and others have been nostalgic throwbacks to past Jeep products. Jeep outdid itself with this year’s throwback: the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Cheif Edition.

The “Chief” EJS concept from two year’s ago was quite popular; the team turned a Wrangler Unlimited into a retro Cherokee Chief SJ. This limited Edition Wrangler is an interesting homage to the concept. We’ll supposedly get a proper introduction next week in New York, but If you want to see it early… go check out your local dealer.

The Cheif Edition is based on the Sahara model, I think. All Chiefs willcome with a standard white hardtop and color match fenders. It’s available in Chief, Gobi, and Rhino exterior paint.

The Chief will comes with heated leather seats, the Alpine stereo and a custom grab handle.Hopefully we’ll get a closer look at the interior next week in New York.

4 thoughts on “Chief Blue Chief Edition Wrangler spotted

  1. Cary says:

    The concept was really cool, but I fail to see the point in this special edition — especially if they’re offering it in additional paint colors, making it just a Sahara with a 10A/HR hood and a white top.

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