Mojave – more than stickers

Jeep revealed two new vehicles at the 2011 NY International Auto Show: the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Mojave, and 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.  First, a few words on why the Mojave is more than a sticker package…

Photo courtesy of Chrysler

Themed or Special Edition Wranglers are nothing new to Jeep.  They’ve been doing it for a long time, and after the success of the recent Islander, Mountain, and Call of Duty Wranglers – it was no surprise when Jeep revealed their newest future collector’s item: The 2011 Jeep Wrangler Mojave.  Named after the Mojave desert, and rightfully given its desert theme.

Mojave is based on the Sport model, with standard features including many of the sought after goodies of its more expensive counterparts.  The Mojave gets Sahara’s side steps, body colored fenders, and body colored hard top – And Rubicon’s 17 inch (painted mineral gray) wheels and 32 inch BFG mud terrain tires.  A special note that the hard top (complete with lizard decal) is standard equipment; a first for any trim JK (or any Wrangler model that I can think of.)

One interesting thing I noticed while lying under the Mojave (getting to know her a little better) were four red shocks.  The official press release mentions nothing of the Mojave including the Rubicon’s exclusive ‘Performance Suspension,’ which to my knowledge was the only Wrangler suspension system that currently came from the factory with those red shocks.  Upon further investigation –’s ‘Build Your Own’ section lists the ‘Performance Suspension’ as standard equipment on Mojave  – yet Jeep (or Chrysler,) for some reason, fail to mention it anywhere else.

Photo: KevinsPocket (c) 2011

With or without the Rubicon’s suspension system; the Mojave is a great addition to Jeep’s fleet of special editions.  The lizard theme is actually quite stylish; and less tacky than I had originally presumed.  The lizard embossed leather seats, hood, driver’s side fender, and rear hard top corner clearly set the Mojave apart from looking like an ordinary Sahara Tan Sahara.  And on a side note… those leather seats are extremely comfortable.

Photo: KevinsPocket (c) 2011

Photo: KevinsPocket (c) 2011

Photo: KevinsPocket (c) 2011

Many are clamoring at Mojave’s price tag, (which starts higher than the Rubicon trim) but when you add in standard features like leather seats, side steps, tail lamp guards, black fuel filler door, wheels, tires, and a color matched hard top… it’s not that bad of a deal, especially if the Rubicon’s suspension is, indeed, standard.  So if you can’t decide between a Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon – go pick yourself up a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Mojave and get a little of each.  Mojave should hit dealers in June.

More Mojave Pictures HERE!

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