Hike 09: Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

About five years ago I tweaked my sciatic nerve in my back while mountain biking. Every now and then I’ll turn a weird way and be out of commission for a few days. I’m usually very careful while hiking and typically re-injur myself doing day to day tasks; like washing dishes, which is what caused the flare up last Friday night.

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6686

Griggstown Bridgetender’s House

I spent Friday evening trying to stretch it out, and most of Saturday just trying to stand up. By Sunday morning, my back had mostly normalized itself, but as I’ve learned in the past; the best way to get back to normal was to keep moving and stretching. I knew a big hike was out of the question but decided to take an afternoon walk along the canal.

Hike 09 stats:
Date: February 28, 2016
Weather: 50°F, clear
Location: Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park, Griggstown, NJ
Distance: 4.14 miles
Time: 1:20
Total Ascent: 264′
Highest Elevation: 79′
Highlights: Griggstown Bridge, Bridgetender’s House, ducks, turtles
Source: Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park

Pictures from my hike:

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6707

Canal Spillway – South of Griggstown

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6717

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6736

Mile marker 19

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6753

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park__6767

Trying to beat the sun back to the parking lot

I’ve logged many miles on the tow path while riding my bike, but will make a point to see more of the canal at a walking pace!