Hike 34: Mount Tammany Summit

Mount Tammany’s red-dot trail is one of the quintessential New Jersey hikes – I’m not sure you can even call yourself an avid NJ hiker if you don’t make your way to Tammany’s summit annually. Hike 34 was my third time climbing to the top of the water gap and as always, it seemed steeper than last year’s hike. Continue reading

Hike 33: Bunker Hill Natural Area

I was talking up hike 33 to Mojo for a few days – we were both excited about spending some quality outdoor time together to celebrate his three year adoptiversary! I got home from work – packed some water and treats and double checked the web for a map of the area I was planning on taking Mojo. To my dismay – dogs are not allowed at this particular park so I needed a quick plan B – I went to my notebook, did a quick google search and we were on our way. Continue reading

Hike 25: Dunnfield Creek with That Outdoor Guy

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the crown jewel of NJ hiking. Whenever anyone asks me what it’s like to explore the backwoods of NJ, I send them photos from my hikes on Mt. Tammany and the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area. When Adam (ThatOutdoorGuy) messaged me on twitter to see if I would take him on a hike during his family’s Appalachian Mountain Road Trip, I knew exactly where I wanted to take him. Continue reading

Hike 23: Top of Tourne

The 52 Hike Challenge has been a bit more challenging than I had originally thought. As I write this I’m about 8 hikes behind where I should be at this point and am starting to get nervous about being able to catch up. I’m determined to meet my deadline, but will need to really kick it into gear over the next 2 months! Continue reading