Hike 33: Bunker Hill Natural Area

I was talking up hike 33 to Mojo for a few days – we were both excited about spending some quality outdoor time together to celebrate his three year adoptiversary! I got home from work – packed some water and treats and double checked the web for a map of the area I was planning on taking Mojo. To my dismay – dogs are not allowed at this particular park so I needed a quick plan B – I went to my notebook, did a quick google search and we were on our way. Bunker-Hill-Natural-Area-HikeHike 33 stats:
Date: August 24, 2016
Weather: 75°F, sunny
Distance:  2.26 miles
Time: 0:54
Total Ascent: 154′
Highest Elevation: 185′
Highlights: Random Gorge Surprise!

Mojo and I set out into the Bunker Hill Natural Area without any preconceived expectations. Since it was a last minute location change, I didn’t remember anything about the place other than it being close to home. We explored a few of the side trails, but the area was mostly a wide cut path through old and new tulip trees!

After a while we found the Brown trail, which headed into the woods along what looked like more of a hiking trail. Mojo and I proceeded into the woods where we soon came upon an awesome gorge cut by Tenmile Run.

Bunker-Hill-Natural-Area-Hike_303We hung out by the gorge for a bit, then continued on after crossing the water. The trail heads back uphill a bit and follows along what I’m guessing used to be a farm field. The other side of the trail borders a golf course separated by about 50 feet of woods. Bunker Hill Natural AreaBunker Hill Natural Area After about a hundred yards down another mowed path we decided to head back to make sure we could beat the sun back to the parking lot. For a last minute change – I’d say hike 33 worked out pretty well. The awesome gorge was a very pleasant surprise!

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  1. Mary-Frances says:

    There’s an area of this trail that a boy scout put down wood chips and cleared out for his Eagle Scout project in the late 90’s..Brian helped with it…it may have been one of the McAuliff boys. Really nice area in our back yard!

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