Hike 34: Mount Tammany Summit

Mount Tammany’s red-dot trail is one of the quintessential New Jersey hikes – I’m not sure you can even call yourself an avid NJ hiker if you don’t make your way to Tammany’s summit annually. Hike 34 was my third time climbing to the top of the water gap and as always, it seemed steeper than last year’s hike.mttammanytrack_34Hike 34 stats:
Date: August 28, 2016
Weather: 89°F, sunny
Distance:  3.49 miles
Time: 2:18
Total Ascent: 1,201′
Highest Elevation: 1,520′
Highlights: Tammany Summit, views of Mount Minsi, views of the Delaware River

I was able to find a parking spot in the Dunnfield Creek parking lot – which is rare. I was hopeful that I picked a day when the trail wouldn’t be too busy – I lucked out and didn’t see too many other hikers on my way to the summit, but as usual there was a crowd at the top.

After a brief cool down at the top I continued on via the blue trail and made my way down toward the Dunnfield Creek – my favorite part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area!

Finally I arrived at the creek and had a bit of fun exploring some of the natural pools – the water was actually quite low so there was a bit more to see than usual!

I finished my way back to the parking lot via the Appalachian Trail and called it a day. This loop is one of my favorite NJ hikes because it is full of natural wonders, is very challenging, and is relatively short for what you get. If you haven’t hiked to the top of Tammany – start your first annual trip this year!