Hike 26:D&R Canal State Park

Hike 26 marks the halfway point of my 52 hike challenge – and even though I’m still about 7 hikes behind where I should be, it has renewed my confidence that I’ll finish by November 27, 2016. DRcanalhike26Hike 26 stats:
Date: July 19, 2016
Weather: 70°F, sunny
Trail Route: D&R Canal Tow Path Colonial Park to Millstone (out and back + wandering)
Distance:  2.03 miles
Time: 44
Total Ascent: 38′
Highest Elevation: 49′
Highlights: D&R Canal

DR CanalDR CanalDR CanalDR CanalDR CanalDR CanalDR CanalThis was my second hike on the D&R Canal, and I’m sure I’ll cover more of the 77 miles trail before completing my 52 Hike Challenge.