Hike 18: Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve

The Sourlands continue to be my go to spot for short hikes when I don’t have a lot of time to spend all day on a longer adventure. Hike 18 was my first time in the Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve in Ringoes, NJ and was a really cool spot to enjoy a family hike with my wife and our Australian Cattle Dog: Mojo.hike18_Sourland_Mountain_Nature_Preserve_trackHike 18 stats:
Date: May 09, 2016
Weather: 50°F, sunny
Trails Hiked: Service Road Trail, Blue Trail
Distance:  2.75 miles
Time: 1:30
Total Ascent: 208′
Highest Elevation: 492′
Highlights: Boulders, creek crossing
Trail Map

DCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPROThe Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve is a great spot to enjoy some relatively flat hiking with some spectacular trees and boulders!

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  1. LoveWhat'sWild says:

    Awesome photos! I live in Washington state and our hikes look much different! Check out my post from yesterday to see what the wet Pacific Northwest looks like! lovewhatswild.wordpress.com or my instagram @lovewhatswild

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