VW showcases plug in hybrid tech with Tiguan GTE

Forget about the epic coolness of the multi-engine electro-gas hybrid drive train; check out the tires on this thing! (I’m a sucker for anything with mud tires.)

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Moparized Renegades heading to Detroit

FCA US LLC (as they are now officially known) released images of two modified Jeep Renegades ahead of their Detroit reveals this week. The two Jeeps are a bit heavy on the decals, but the modified Trailhawk shows some promise for the future of the little Jeep. Continue reading

Dodge Drops Dart in Detroit

The Dodge Dart – the much anticipated compact contender from Chrysler, was officially revealed today at the North American International Auto Show.  Flaunting fuel efficiency, class leading technology, and modern engineering; the Dart should easily win over Dodge’s disenfranchised Neon fans; and help everyone forget that the Caliber ever happened.


Photo © Chrysler

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