VW showcases plug in hybrid tech with Tiguan GTE

Forget about the epic coolness of the multi-engine electro-gas hybrid drive train; check out the tires on this thing! (I’m a sucker for anything with mud tires.)

VW has a reputation of building really awesome off road concepts that never make their way to dealers; so we’ll see where this one ends up  and how well a tiger-iguana hybrid crossover does in the mud with a gas-electric hybrid power train.

  In addition to the all electric rear drive setup – VW added an Active Control Drive Program giving the driver the ability to select driving modes like snow, street, or off road  (a similar concept to Jeep’s Select Terrain, and Land Rover’s Terrain Response systems). 


Hopefully some of this new tech will make it into a future model; even if we never get to go trail riding in the GTE Concept.