Hike 38: Jockey Hollow | Morristown National Historic Park

Hike 38 was my second time in the Jockey Hollow section of the Morristown National Historic Park – my goal was to revisit my favorite parts of the park from last summer’s hike, and to explore more of the east side of the area.jockey-hollow-morristown-national-historic-parkHike 38 stats:
Date: September 17, 2016
Weather: 80°F, sunny
Distance:  6.03 miles
Time: 2:48
Total Ascent: 684′
Highest Elevation: 634′
Highlights: Wick farm, soldier’s cabins, vista view of NYC skyline

I started my hike near the visitor’s center and headed up passed the Wick Farm house and garden.Jockey Hollow | Wick FarmJockey Hollow | Wick FarmI made my way onto the Aqueduct Loop Trail towards Jockey Hollow Road – this section travels through dense forest; an area I missed the last time I was here. Remember that bridge – we’ll see it again.

Jockey Hollow HikeJockey Hollow HikeI crossed over Jockey Hollow Rd and started along the Primrose Brook Trail (I thought I was on the Old Camp Road Trail but had my marker colors mixed up). I continued along until hitting the Grand Loop Trail where I turned left and made my way to the Old Camp Road Trail as planned.Jockey Hollow Hike | Primrose Brook TrailJockey Hollow Hike | Primrose Brook TrailJockey Hollow Hike | Primrose Brook TrailI followed the trail to the outer loop where I happened upon a great overlook with views of the NYC skyline in the distance.Jockey Hollow Hike | Outer LoopThe GoPro didn’t quite capture the distant view, but trust me its there. After soaking it in for a bit I continued on toward the New York Brigade Trail – where I followed the blue markers back toward Jockey Hollow Road.Jockey Hollow | NY Brigade TrailJockey Hollow | NY Brigade TrailAfter crossing back over Jockey Hollow Road I decided to take the yellow trail up to the Soldier’s Huts – one of my favorite things in the park.Jockey Hollow | Soldier's HutsJockey Hollow | Soldier's HutsJockey Hollow | Soldier's HutsJockey Hollow | Soldier's HutsI decided to explore one last new area on my way back towards the visitor’s center – The orange trail headed back into the woods near the Aqueduct trail I was on earlier. To my surprise I found the other side of that small bridge I had seen earlier; the bridge was even cooler from this side.Jockey Hollow HikeJockey Hollow HikeJockey Hollow HikeJockey Hollow is a great park filled with so many potential trail combinations – you can easily create any kind of hike you want! There are no entrance fees for the this section of Morristown National Historic Park – plus they have an awesome gift shop!