Hike 02: Mount Beacon Fire Tower & Scofield Ridge

Hike number two of my 52 Hike Challenge got a bit nostalgic as I viewed my college alma mater across the Hudson River from the top of Mount Beacon, NY. 

I didn’t really get into hiking until after college; wish I had known about this amazing spot when I was living just a few miles away.

Hike 02 stats:
Date: December 10, 2015
Location: East Hudson Highlands State Park – Beacon, NY
Distance: 6.98 miles
Time: 4:54
Total Ascent: 2,528′
Highest Elevation: 1,601′
Highlights: Mount Beacon Fire Tower, Dozer Junction, Incline Railway Gear House
Source: New York – New Jersey – Trail Conference

This hike was a great way to start exploring New York State – but also reminded me how out of shape I am. This was the longest hike I’ve done in a while, but I’m hoping to work up to much longer hikes by the time I’ve completed the challenge.