Hike 47: Abram S. Hewitt State Forest, Appalachian Trail

Crossing state lines isn’t something that far out of the ordinary for many hikers, but hike 47 was the first time I hiked from one state into another. I headed to Abram S. Hewitt State Park on the suggestion of my wife after she randomly pointed to the Bearfort Ridge on my map. Continue reading

‘the fastest production Jeep ever built’

When I think about Jeep, it’s rarely about speed (well, speeds over 5mph at least.) Most Jeep enthusiasts modify their vehicles to go slower, not faster.  Think rock climbing, not 100 meter dash…

That mentality changed a bit in 2005 when Jeep debuted the Grand Cherokee SRT8. Despite its lack of low range 4WD, its lower profile, and its obvious on road racing ambitions – it was hard for (even the most devout) Jeep enthusiasts to speak ill of the tricked out Super Jeep.  When the newly redesigned 2011 WK2 Grand Cherokees started selling well in 2010… rumors and spy shots of the assumed SRT version started to surface.  We finally got an official glimpse of the very much desired 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 last week in New York…

Photo: Courtesy of Chrysler

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