VW reveals ID Buggy concept vehicle

Volkswagen recently revealed their newest all electric concept vehicle in Geneva; the ID Buggy!

I’m glad to see VW putting effort into electric concepts; if there’s no emissions they can’t cheat on emissions, right? The ID buggy looks pretty simple; which off-roaders typically enjoy. No roof, no doors, and a weatherproof interior will give any future electric Jeep a run for its money.As much as I can hope this sees the US market; I’m not holding my breath that a production version will ever see the light of day (at least not one that looks like this). The concept can be fitted with front and rear electric motors for off road 4×4 capability (more like a dual 2X2 setup) and have a range of up to 155 miles. The concept is strictly a two-seater… but a 2 by 2, 4 seater has been planned as well.

The buggy has a 103.4 in wheelbase with 9.4 inches of ground clearance. With a 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft of torque… VW claims it can go 0-62 in just 7.2 seconds.

I hope something like this… along with the recent ID Buzz (bus concept) actually make it into production.