ProClip USA iPhone mount for Jeep Patriot

My 2012 Jeep Patriot is the second vehicle that I’ve installed one of ProClip’s vehicle specific mounts in. When you find a quality product that simply works, there aren’t many reasons to look for an alternative.

photo 4The ProClip system consists of two parts: the vehicle specific base, and the device specific mount. There are options for integrated power docks, hardwired 12V chargers, and larger holders for different size cases.

Similarly to the Wrangler, the design uses double sided tape and existing curves in the dash; to provide tension to help keep the mount in place. The Patriot mount uses the passenger side cubby as well as the glove box opening to creat the tension mount.

ProClip included an alcohol pad for easy area prep, and as in the Wrangler; installation was pretty simple thanks to the detailed instructions. One of the great features of this kind of setup is that you can change device holders whenever you want without changing the vehicle specific base.

20130203-003321.jpg I chose a device mount with a built in dock and hardwired charger, and mounted it to the far left to keep it within reach. You have the ability to mount it anywhere along the cubby if you like.

20130203-011742.jpgMy iPhone 4S in the OtterBox Defender case fits well in this mount – Since I set this up, ProClip has released a defender case specific mount. They also offer other case specific mounts including other OtterBox cases, LifeProof cases, and generic bumper cases. Hopefully an OtterBox Armor Series mount will become available once the new case is released later this month. ProClip’s mounts have held up well in both of my Jeeps. Check them out for yourself: ProClipUSA – what do you look for in a good vehicle mount?