iPhone return on investment

Whenever I research buying a new vehicle, or selling one that I already own, resale value is of huge importance. I want to know how much of my initial investment will be recoup-able should I ever need to sell it quickly. When I purchased my first iPhone in July of 2009; I assumed that when it was replace, it would join the other pocket communicators in my nightstand junk drawer. I was wrong.

My 3GS a few months before trading up for the 4S

I planned on building a holster into the dash of the Jeep and having the 3GS serve as a music source and diagnostic tool, until I learned that people would pay good money for a mint condition 2 year old iPhone. It was hard to let the 3GS go, as it had traveled around the world with me for over 2 years, but the money earned from an eBay instant sale helped fund the purchase of my 64GB iPhone 4S. I shipped the 3GS in its Otterbox, as it was no longer of any use to me.

iPhone 4S unboxing and Otterboxing

As all of the hype of the anticipate iPhone 5 ran rampid through the media; I was ecstatic to learn that we were getting the 4S instead. I liked the design of the 4, and am more than satisfied with the upgrade from my 3GS. Siri is cool, but the camera and optics are really where this pocket equipment shines. ‘They’ say that the best camera is ‘the one you have with you,’ and since I rarely carry my point and shoot in my pocket, the upgraded camera on the 4S was huge for me. Shortly after upgrading, my girlfriend and I took a trip to Gettysburg, PA. Here are a few pictures I took with the 4S.

4 thoughts on “iPhone return on investment

  1. Jon F. says:

    One of the main reasons I’ve owned every incarnation of the iPhone is because of the prior models high resale value. Each time I upgrade I simply sell my old phone on Craigslist for at least as much as the upgrade cost. There is never a shortage of people looking to purchase an iPhone without having to be tied into a contract. I’ve also learned, through one of my selling experiences, that many US model iPhones get exported to other countries where they are sold at a huge premium.

  2. matt says:

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    • kevinspocket says:

      yes, as long as we’re all clear that none of us are planning on killing anyone right? asking her: “where can I hide a body” provides amusing results.

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