OtterBoxing: Armor Series Awesomeness

The life of a gadget can be quite rough in KevinsPocket. Constantly being yanked out at every beep or vibration, flying out of a doorless Jeep in the woods, falling onto a rocky hiking trail, or being exposed to the elements to post a crucial tweet are not uncommon occurrences. I’ve trusted OtterBox in keeping my iPhones safe for the last three and a half years, and despite needing to have my 4S defender case replaced twice under the warranty, I’ve made the investment in otterbox’s new Armor Series iPhone 4S case.


The 4S defender case had its flaws (all related to the silicone skin.) The headphone cover was the first thing to fall off, followed by the pin connector cover, and ultimately, the exterior shell began to break apart in my pocket. Despite the deteriorating rubber, it kept the phone safe. Bottom line – the case did its job, but it was time to move on.

I looked into a few different cases to replace the defender and wanted one that was a little beefier. I’ll be traveling to Key West on my honeymoon, and wanted a case that would allow me to take photos and videos in or near the water. The orange LifeProof was hard to resist due to the awesomeness that is the color orange – yet the complexity of LifeProof’s warranty made me hesitant. LifeProof offers a 3 month warranty on their cases that can be extended to one year if the purchaser “validates” the warranty by watching a few videos and filling out a registration questionnaire. Knowing that OtterBox replaced my case twice (and offered to replace it a third time) without hassle, by simply asking for a picture of the defective case, gave me the peace of mind that LifeProof didn’t.
20130305-234630.jpg OtterBox had delayed the release of the Armor case by months because it just wasn’t good enough. Their social team did an excellent job of keeping annoying customers like me at bay while they perfected the design. Even though it was painful to wait for, I’m glad OtterBox held off until it was absolutely perfect. On a side note – A few friends of mine purchased defender cases for their iPhone 5’s – and it seems that OtterBox improved the design and materials over the 4/4S defender design.

20130305-234959.jpg The 4S Armor series case comes in only one color combination. Sadly, it is not orange, but the neon green accents on the black and gray case are pretty sweet.

So far I’m really happy with the Armor Series case. It is slightly bulkier than the defender and will take some getting used to, but overall seems 100% better than my previous cases. ProClip USA is working on a mount for the Armor Series, which according to the tweet they sent me last week, should be available by the end of March.