2019 Easter Jeep Safari Concept vehicles teased

It’s that time of year again; and even though the last few years have been dominated with pickup truck concepts… this year will no doubt feature the new Jeep Gladiator pickup

Jeep just revealed two teaser images of what are clearly JT Gladiator renderings. The first has a visible J6 badge on the side which clearly pays homage to the old J10 pickup truck.The truck will obviously feature many upcoming Mopar accessories for the Gladiator; including rock rails, wheels, and LED lighting. What’s hard to tell from the picture is if the roof mounted lights are above the rear seat… or if this is a bed mounted roll bar will auxiliary lighting. Maybe Jeep actually made a regular cab, long bed for EJS?

The second teaser image is clearly a four door Gladiator with a crazy paint job.

This truck also has what appears to be a bed mounted roll bar, bed rails… and of course a Mopar lift and mud tires.

We’ll have to wait to see the rest of the group and of course real live images of the concepts.