Hike 17: Pyramid Mountain Rocks!

I hiked Pyramid Mountain for the first time last summer after finding pictures of Tripod Rock on Instagram. This amazing Morris County Park is a natural beauty tucked into a pretty densely populated area of Northern New Jersey – but once you’re in the woods, you’d hardly believe it.Pyramid Mountain_Hike_TrackHike 17 stats:
Date: May 07, 2016
Weather: 55°F, rain, fog, overcast
Trails Hiked: Mennen Trail, Lucy’s Overlook Trail, Kinnelon Butler Trail
Distance:  4.57 miles
Time: 2:23
Total Ascent: 764′
Highest Elevation: 911′
Highlights: Lucy’s Overlook, Tripod Rock, A chorus of tree frogs, Bear Rock, Stony Brook

Tripod Rock is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in all of my hikes in New Jersey. The 180 ton glacial erratic perched on three smaller boulders was left here by the Wisconsin Glacier over 18,000 years ago! It is truly an amazing thing to see, and pictures barely do it justice.

DCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPROBear Rock is another awesome erratic located on Pyramid Mountain and is one of the largest glacial rocks in the state!DCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPROHiking the mountain in the rain this weekend not only gave me complete privacy on the trails, but made the green of the budding trees pop against the foggy landscape.DCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM117GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPRODCIM118GOPROPyramid Mountain is an amazing place that you absolutely need to visit if you’re within any traveling distance – go check it out, you’ll be happy you did!