OtterBoxing: Armor Series Awesomeness

The life of a gadget can be quite rough in KevinsPocket. Constantly being yanked out at every beep or vibration, flying out of a doorless Jeep in the woods, falling onto a rocky hiking trail, or being exposed to the elements to post a crucial tweet are not uncommon occurrences. I’ve trusted OtterBox in keeping my iPhones safe for the last three and a half years, and despite needing to have my 4S defender case replaced twice under the warranty, I’ve made the investment in otterbox’s new Armor Series iPhone 4S case. Continue reading

iPhone return on investment

Whenever I research buying a new vehicle, or selling one that I already own, resale value is of huge importance. I want to know how much of my initial investment will be recoup-able should I ever need to sell it quickly. When I purchased my first iPhone in July of 2009; I assumed that when it was replace, it would join the other pocket communicators in my nightstand junk drawer. I was wrong. Continue reading