All new Land Rover Defender launches for 2020 model year

There’s been a resurgence of retro off-road nameplates recently, almost all seemingly going after Jeep’s market. The defender, once the only competitor to the Jeep CJ, returns this year as more of a Grand Cherokee competitor. Continue reading

OtterBoxing: Armor Series Awesomeness

The life of a gadget can be quite rough in KevinsPocket. Constantly being yanked out at every beep or vibration, flying out of a doorless Jeep in the woods, falling onto a rocky hiking trail, or being exposed to the elements to post a crucial tweet are not uncommon occurrences. I’ve trusted OtterBox in keeping my iPhones safe for the last three and a half years, and despite needing to have my 4S defender case replaced twice under the warranty, I’ve made the investment in otterbox’s new Armor Series iPhone 4S case. Continue reading