Crush Orange and Arctic JK Jeep Wranglers spotted

2012 Crush Orange Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

I pass a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat dealer on my way to work every morning – and for the last few weeks I’ve been checking the lot for a Crush Orange JK Wrangler while sitting in traffic. I thought I spotted one in the lot a few days ago, but it was gone by the time I passed on my way home. I stopped in Friday night, and to my surprise, they had moved the beautiful beast inside.

The Crush color is distinctively different than Dozer in person, however, photos of the two colors can look very similar depending on the light in which the photo was taken. I like both of the new colors, but really, really, love crush :)

2012 Crush Orange Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Another pleasant surprise when I pulled into the dealer lot was this 2012 Arctic Special Edition Wrangler they had parked by the entrance. Jeep didn’t have a big reveal for the Arctic like they did for the Mojave (which I personally like a lot better) and for some time it was rumored to be for non-US markets only.  they seem to be focusing on the Call of Duty MW3 special edition.  Clearly, the Arctic Wrangler is here as well!

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Arctic Edition

I’ll be sure to give the Arctic a full review shortly; my first impression is that the Arctic’s features are similar to Mojave’s, with a Sasquatch theme replacing the lizard.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition

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10 thoughts on “Crush Orange and Arctic JK Jeep Wranglers spotted

  1. Stefan says:

    My wife and I are going to get the Unlimited in crush. It’s going to be the first one in town, very cool color. N.B. Canada (East Coast)

      • marvin says:

        That color looks like Dozer. Have you seen the 2012 brochure? There is what appears to be a metallic lime green jeep pictured. Colors are so hard to judge in photos…it’s driving me crazy!

      • kevinspocket says:

        I assure you that this is Crush – Dozer and Crush look very similar in photos; I’ve seen both in person, and there is a distinct difference. Crush is very very orange, whereas Dozer is more of an orangy-yellow. I like both, but think Crush is a lot nicer. The photos do not do it justice and I suggest finding one in person as the showroom lights made it hard to really capture the great color. I haven’t seen the new green in person yet, but my guess is that it is going to be similar to the current green offered on the Challenger.

      • Steve Gee says:

        I had a Cosmos Blue on (factory) order since 10-26-11, but got a call 2 days ago 12-21-11 that my build came to a screatching hault at the factory; they have discontinued The CFosmos Blue. I needed to cancel my order or pick another color. I chose the Crush, which just hit the dealer lots (I ran to the dealer and they had one to look t); the color is great! Hopefully they started building mine right away!

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