Sunset Orange 2015 Wrangler Sport Sighting

I’m a sucker for a nice orange Jeep. Mango Tango is still the best Orange (in my opinion) of recent years, but Sunset Orange is certainly a color I would order a JK in, if I were ordering a JK. The best way to describe the new orange is to imagine if Crush and Rock Lobster had a baby. Sunset is well named for the hue; with a nice mixture of red and orange, while remaining dominantly orange.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Orange 2015 Wrangler Sport Sighting

  1. jeepygirljen says:

    I’ve had my Sunset Orange JKU for 6 months now and love it more and more each day! No regrets at all. The more black accessories I put on the better it stands out!

  2. Sjeupie says:

    Nice pics….! About to pull the trigger on a sunset orange but still in doubt whether I should get Baja Yellow instead. Difficult without having seen them in real life ever. But finally a picture of the two of them next to each other, thanks to you!

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