I became a fan of Jeep vehicles before I ever fantasized about driving, or even owning one.  They were different, and clearly reminiscent of my toy trucks that I loved so much.  As I got older, my love for them grew, and in May of 2007 I became a Jeep owner.

as purchased

I’m the third person to own the keys to this 1997 Jeep (TJ) Wrangler Sport and am only a few thousand miles away from having put more miles on her than her two previous owners combined.  The guy I bought here from had the 3 inch black diamond lift kit installed; along with the 33 inch Goodyear MTR’s and AEV wheels.

The TJ was equiped from the factory with  a 4.0 litre straight six cylinder engine, AX-15 5spd manual transmission, NP231 Transfer case, D30 front, and D35 rear open axles with 3.07 gearing.  I didn’t find out until a year later that the citron green paint, that I love so much, was actually quite rare and only available on the TJs in 1997.

There will be a lot more to follow on the repairs and modifications that I’ve made over the 4 years that I’ve owned her.

As she stands today