iPhone accessories that saved our relationship

My iPhone 3GS and I have been pretty good friends for the last two years, mostly thanks to two hardware accessories that help us get along during different types of adventures; from hiking in the Andes, to my everyday commute to work.  Specifically, I’m referring to the OtterBox Defender Case, and the ProClip USA mount system.

you should read JeepGorilla’s blog; but not while driving

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Half Dome II – a review

Sleeping outside is like sleeping in a 5 million star hotel – granted you have a good tent (and a clear night of course.)

I headed to REI a few weeks ago after receiving my 2010 dividend and a sweet 20% off any item coupon. I had no idea what I was going to buy… but knew I would find something awesome in that store, as I usually do. Continue reading

Pocket Power Fail

Have you ever been so ridiculously proud of your genius solution to an innovation dilemma… That it physically hurt when it didn’t work out?

The Great Adventures of Kevo: Part II, Machubamba; required some pre-trip techie planning to assure full use of GPS tracking while exploring South America. The most obvious and necessary problem to figure out was power. Any explorer who has taken advantage of GPS tracking apps on their iPhone knows how great they work, and how they suck the life out of the battery, especially if you set the screen bright enough to be able to see where you are while outside!  The goal was to find an external battery or alternate charging method that would extend GPS (and overall) usage time and allow the device to remain in it’s OtterBox protective case.