All New 2015 Jeep Vehicle

Without any mention on their social media outlets; Jeep has added a page to their website prepping consumers for an all new vehicle for 2015. With the 2014 Grand Cherokee refresh and Cherokee revealing already completed, and the Wrangler refresh at least a year away, this all new vehicle could be the once mentioned (and presumed forgotten) Grand Wagoneer full size, or more likely, the Compass/Patriot compact replacement.

Jeep has left us a few hints and clues to either confuse the heck out of us, or keep us interested in what is to come.  The site consists of a WWII Jerry can, some outdoor gear, Jeep heritage photos, and a map of the Moab desert.

My guess is that they’re prepping to ride the coattails of the #stayrestless Cherokee campaign with a similar push with a Compass/Patriot replacement.

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What do you think the all new 2015 Jeep vehicle will be?  Let me know in the comments!