A piece of Treasure-like Trail Trash wrecked my bladder and now I have a Platypus

I was nearly complete with Hike 21 of my 52 Hike Challenge, hiking along the ridge in Jenny Jump State Park, when I saw something shiny in the rocks along the side of the trail. Platypus hydration bladderI thought it was a soda can at first and crouched down to check it out. After closer examination I picked up the pin backed  button that had likely fallen off of a child’s backpack, stuck it in the side pocket of my backpack and finished my hike. I didn’t think much of it – and neglected to take it out of the pocket when I got home.


exhibit A

A few weeks later while packing my gear for hike 26, I discovered a small pinhole in my hydration bladder as a stream of ice cold water soaked my shirt. I quickly poured the remaining water into a Hydroflask and removed the culprit from the mesh side pocked of my backpack. I had a grand time on Hike 26 despite the pre-hike bladder poking and headed to REI a few days later to pick up a replacement.Platypus-Hoser-Hydration-Bladder_103I didn’t have a lot of time to research bladders and when I got to REI there weren’t a lot of options to chose from – I selected the Platypus based on the fact that it was the only one in stock. Being familiar with the brand name, I assumed a certain level of quality and brought the 2 liter Hoser Hydration Bladder home.Platypus-Hoser-Hydration-Bladder_100The bite valve is different than the bladder that I had been using, but was easy and comfortable to use. I like the rigidity of the Platypus bag more than the rubbery feel of my last bladder – but the wide mouth opening was a bit easier to fill than the small corner located filler spout on the Platypus.

DCIM119GOPROI’ve had the hydration pack out on several hikes and am really enjoying it so far – no leaks and it fits in my TetonSports Oasis 1100 day-pack very well. I look forward to many more hikes quenching my thirst from the Platypus pouch on my back!

One thought on “A piece of Treasure-like Trail Trash wrecked my bladder and now I have a Platypus

  1. missjamiekaren says:

    I actually replaced my wide-mouth bladder with the Platypus Big Zip LP Reservoir. If you like a wider area to fill the bladder, this style opens completely up at the top like a ziplock bag would, then has a slide-on closer which seals it. The hose disconnects at the bottom really easily, as well. I did get a 3L, which I’m not super sure I needed (prob should have just done 2L).

    Adding link just to show the bladder comparison (https://www.amazon.com/Platypus-Big-Zip-Reservoir-3-Liter/dp/B00F5IADN6/ref=sr_1_3?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1472775987&sr=1-3&keywords=platypus)

    I got frustrated with the wide-mouth, because I guess I’m just incompetent and half the time wouldn’t screw them on right until a few tries, LMAO. Then I saw this guy and was like *that’s* what I need.

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